Interesting Ways to Store Books: Secret Sliding Bookcase Door

If you love reading, then, you would most likely have a bookcase or shelf at home. Want to know an ingenious way to add sophistication to your interior with such furniture? It’s simple: use a secret sliding door.

The idea here is that the bookcase acts as a door, which slides to allow you to enter a room. Best yet, the room can be a study, which matches the idea of books. Nevertheless, any room will work just fine, so long as your setup works. About that, let’s discuss the working mechanism and then learn about the various types of sliding bookcase doors you can install.

Secret Sliding Bookcase Door Mechanism

With a track and roller system below or above it, any bookcase can easily become a sliding door. The secret here is that no one will expect your bookcase to slide, revealing an entrance. So, essentially, the track and roller system is the primary component of the secret sliding bookcase door.

But for the best working mechanism, you need the door to slide smoothly. For that, the best option is a linear actuator. In our experience, a secret sliding door is one of the best applications you can use the motion devices. There are many more ways you can use actuators at home, which you can as well check out here.

Using a linear actuator in a secret sliding bookcase door structure


Back to the working mechanism, you’ll connect the linear actuator to the track system. Space will specify if you’ll set up the device inside the case or outside, but we recommend inside so it’s not noticeable. For instance, you can install the actuator in a smaller compartment.

Importantly, align the linear actuator with the track system’s movement. That’s the only way you can get optimal operation. Linear actuators are of different types, but what you need here is a rod actuator. The reason is that the actuator will likely travel a long distance to completely slide the door to reveal the entrance, and rod-style devices have the best stroke length.

Particularly, you’ll attach the rod end to a fixed point on the bookcase during setup. An alternative is using a magnet connected to the case, which you can opt for if you plan to detach the structure from time to time. Since the actuator isn’t lifting or lowering but simply sliding, you can pay less attention to carrying capacity. But don’t compromise force, as the device needs enough power to pull the bookcase door along the track system.

Types of Secret Sliding Bookcase Door


You have almost endless design options to go with when constructing a bookcase. With a sliding door, it’s not much different. Check out some style options you can go with below.

Single cupboard sliding door

Here you have a tall structure that more or less looks like a cupboard. In other words, the bookshelves are concealed behind an opening door, yet the entire case slides to allow entrance into a room behind. Since the shelves are concealed, you have space to add many books, which is the advantage of this design.

Windowpane sliding boocase door

If you fancy a windowpane design, then you’ll want this sliding bookcase in your home. It’s the definition of style, especially when you finish it with a glamorous color or varnish. However, it will require more time and skill to construct, considering that you have to include glass as the windows. In addition, you must be pin-point when setting up the linear actuator and track system to avoid the structure falling and smashing the glass.

Short sliding bookcase door

We’ve mainly discussed sliding bookcases with regular door heights. Well, instead of a room, you can still design a sliding bookcase door to reveal access to a compartment. In this case, then, what you get is a short structure. The advantage here is that you get to save cost. Of course, you won’t spend as high compared to constructing a full-length sliding door.

Behind the bookshelf, you can place anything. It could be a compartment for drinks, valuables, clothes, or even more drinks. Again, it’s a secret, as no one will expect your small bookcase to be hiding anything. You can mount your short sliding bookcase door on the floor or wall.

Advantages of Using a Secret Sliding Bookcase Door


If there’s nothing to gain, there won’t be any reason to do it. So, before we wrap up, let’s discuss some benefits you enjoy when you install a secret sliding bookcase door at home.

Saving space

Ordinarily, you would have your door and then a bookcase standing somewhere else in the room. By merging both, you get to save space in a stylish way. The room the bookcase will occupy will accommodate different essential pieces of furniture. Or perhaps you leave it empty and enjoy the space.

Hiding valuables

As pointed out, the room behind the door can hold anything. So, if you have valuables you don’t want others to easily access, you can place them in the room. This advantage is more particular if you have a short sliding bookcase door. No one will expect your bookcase to slide unless you tell or show them it does. So, your valuables in the room behind it stay safe.


Privacy is priceless. Sometimes, you just want to have quiet time alone, and you can achieve that if you have a secret room at home. A secret sliding bookcase door is a seamless way to actualize your secret room and give yourself privacy. Even if people at home know about the sliding door, you can prevent them from accessing it by not giving them access to the control remote.



You can make home living much more interesting with unique structures, and one of them is a secret sliding door. It’s a bookcase mainly, so you’re at liberty to go with any design you want. But ensure it’s wide and sturdy enough to act like a door. In addition, only use an actuator efficient enough to guarantee a smooth sliding system.