The Helios Disaster by Linda Boström Knausgård, translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

Numbers in the Dark by Italo Calvino, translated by Tim Parks

Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson

Kinder than Solitude by Yiyun Li

Get in Trouble: Stories by Kelly Link

The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Wasp Box by Jason Ockert

Happy Are the Happy by Yasmina Reza, translated by John Cullen

Ground Zero, Nagasaki: Stories by Seirai Yuichi, translated by Paul Warham


Free Jazz/Black Power by Philippe Carles and Jean-Louis Comolli, translated by Grégory Pierrot

Wandering: Philosophical Performances of Racial and Sexual Freedom by Sarah Jane Cervenak

Savage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die by Amy Fusselman

Havel: A Life by Michael Zantovsky


Eye to Eye by Maria Terrone