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October 25, 2013


Autobiography of a Corpse (New York Review Books Classics) by Krzhizhanovsky, Sigizmund
A Treatise on Shelling Beans by Mysliwski, Wieslaw
The Bullet Collection: A Novel by Patricia Sarrafian Ward
The Time Regulation Institute by Tanpinar, Ahmet Hamdi
Ghost at the Loom by T. Zachary Cotler
In Violet's Wake by Robin Devereaux-Nelson
Miruna: A Tale by Bogdan Suceava
Lily la Tigresse (Hebrew Literature Series) by Kimhi, Alona
The Graveyard (Neversink) by Hlasko, Marek
Leningrad by Vishnevetsky, Igor
Melancholy II (Norwegian Literature Series) by Fosse, Jon
Once Human: Stories by Steve Tomasula
Zundel's Exit (Swiss Literature Series) by Werner, Markus
Drafts for a Third Sketchbook (Seagull Books - The Swiss List) by Max Frisch
The King of China (Seagull Books - The German List) by Tilman Rammstedt
Twists and Turns in the Heart's Antarctic by H?l?ne Cixous

Posted by Jessa Crispin at 9:21 AM