Poetry reviews archive

Date Title Reviewer
Dec 2003 Sky Lounge by Mark Bibbins Michael Farrelly
Nov 2005 To Repel Ghosts : The Remix by Kevin Young Olivia Cronk
May 2008 Quaker Guns by Caroline Knox Josh Cook
Sep 2008 Trouble and Honey by Jilly Dybka Janis Lull
Oct 2008 Souvenir de Constantinople by Donna Stonecipher Andrew Wessels
Jun 2014 Fantasias in Counting by Sophie Seita Kristina Marie Darling
May 2009 Dear Dearly Departed by Harold Abramowitz Jacquelyn Davis
Feb 2010 Intervening Absence by Carrie Olivia Adams and Song of a Living Room by Brigitte Byrd Olivia Cronk
Jun 2004 blue suburbia by Laurie Lico Albanese Wendy Anderson
Jul 2007 The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century edited by William Allegrezza and Raymond Bianchi Olivia Cronk
Jul 2008 Fragile Replacements by William Allegrezza Gina Myers
Feb 2008 The Splintered Face: Tsunami Poems by Indran Amirthanayagam Jennifer Garfield
Dec 2013 The Year of No Mistakes by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz Rebecca Silber
Oct 2007 The Door by Margaret Atwood Elizabeth Bachner
Mar 2007 Selected Poems, Expanded Edition by W. H. Auden Olivia Cronk
Feb 2007 Lizzie Borden in Love: Poems in Women's Voices by Julianna Baggott Jason B. Jones
Sep 2012 Zeal by Andrew Bailey Rebecca Silber
Apr 2015 S.O.S.: Poems 1961 - 2013 by Amiri Baraka, edited by Paul Vangelisti Patrick James Dunagan
Apr 2004 Blue Wizard Is About to Die by Seth Flynn Barkan Tom Bernard
Apr 2007 Beholding Eye: Poems by Grace Bauer Jason B. Jones
Jun 2004 The To Sound by Eric Baus Olivia Cronk
Jan 2005 Spell by Dan Beachy-Quick Stephanie Anderson
Jun 2010 I Was the Jukebox by Sandra Beasley Salvatore Ruggiero
May 2006 Shake by Joshua Beckman Olivia Cronk
Sep 2004 Your Time Has Come by Joshua Beckman Olivia Cronk
Jan 2007 Black Box by Erin Belieu Jason B. Jones
Nov 2013 Cunt Norton by Dodie Bellamy Erin Lyndal Martin
Jan 2007 Why Speak? by Nathaniel Bellows Courtney Birst-Wyrick
May 2013 Solecism by Rosebud Ben-Oni Anne Champion
May 2013 Recalculating by Charles Bernstein Josh Cook
May 2013 Hello, the Roses by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge Erin Lyndal Martin
Mar 2011 Poems by Elizabeth Bishop, edited by Saskia Hamilton Josh Cook
Mar 2013 Letters to Kelly Clarkson by Julia Bloch Rachel Mangini
Oct 2008 Cloisters by Kristin Bock Michelle Blackley
Jan 2004 Luster by Don Bogen Laura Felch
Mar 2008 The Making of a Sonnet edited by Eavan Boland and Edward Hirsch Blythe Boyer
Feb 2008 Interpretive Work by Elizabeth Bradfield Jennifer Garfield
Feb 2009 Mistaken for Song by Tara Bray Paul Franz
Sep 2007 Standing in Line for the Beast by Jason Bredle Jason B. Jones
Mar 2013 The FSG Book of Twentieth-Century Italian Poetry: An Anthology edited by Geoffrey Brock Josh Zajdman
Mar 2006 Trouble in Mind by Lucie Brock-Broido Olivia Cronk
Jul 2006 Parallel Play by Stephen Burt Mark Doten
Mar 2016 Disko Bay by Nancy Campbell Kali Lightfoot
May 2010 Duties of an English Foreign Secretary by Macgregor Card Jacquelyn Davis
Aug 2009 Collected Poems of Ciaran Carson Paul Franz
Jul 2008 For All We Know by Ciaran Carson Jason B. Jones
Dec 2008 A Fixed, Formal Arrangement by Allison Carter Jacquelyn Davis
Mar 2016 The Inventors and Other Poems by René Char, translated by Mark Hutchinson J P Poole
Jul 2010 Here Be Monsters by Colin Cheney Salvatore Ruggiero
Sep 2005 Natural History by Dan Chiasson Olivia Cronk
Dec 2012 Family System by Jack Christian Courtney Birst
Nov 2011 The Trees the Trees by Heather Christle Kim Gek Lin Short
Jul 2007 Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated by Carson Cistulli Jason B. Jones
Aug 2003 Cold Spring: A Diary by Tom Clark Monique van den Berg
Feb 2004 it was today by Andrei Codrescu Wendy Anderson
Feb 2014 The Invention of Influence by Peter Cole Zack Newick
Dec 2005 The Trouble with Poetry: And Other Poems by Billy Collins Megan Marz
Apr 2016 Admit One: An American Scrapbook by Martha Collins Kali Lightfoot
May 2009 The Book of Frank by CA Conrad Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
May 2014 The Tatters by Brenda Coultas Patrick James Dunagan
Mar 2016 The Bridge: Uncollected Version, from Periodicals and Anthologies, 1927-1930 by Hart Crane Patrick James Dunagan
Mar 2013 Song & Error by Averill Curdy Adam Ford
Apr 2012 Notturno by Gabriele d'Annunzio, translated by Stephen Sartarelli Josh Zajdman
Nov 2014 Fortress by Kristina Marie Darling Julie Marie Wade
Dec 2012 The Moon and Other Inventions: Poems After Joseph Cornell by Kristina Marie Darling Cortney Bledsoe
Aug 2013 X Marks the Dress: A Registry by Kristina Marie Darling and Carol Guess Daniel J Cecil
Dec 2010 The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation edited by Greg Delanty and Michael Matto Paul Holler
Jan 2005 Brother Fire by W.S. Di Piero David Kieley
Jan 2014 The Gorgeous Nothings by Emily Dickinson, edited by Jen Bervin and Marta L. Werner Patrick James Dunagan
May 2007 Silence Fell: Poems by Josephine Dickinson Jason B. Jones
Jul 2015 Our End Has Brought the Spring by Cat Dixon Raylyn Clacher
Mar 2015 Too Heavy to Carry by Cat Dixon Laura Madeline Wiseman
Nov 2014 Trespass by Thomas Dooley, and They Don't Kill You Because They're Hungry, They Kill You Because They're Full by Mark Bibbins Craig Moreau
Oct 2007 Way More West: New and Selected Poems by Edward Dorn Jason B. Jones
May 2013 A Swarm, a Flock, a Host: A Compendium of Creatures by Mark Doty and Darren Waterston Mary Mann
Jan 2011 Objects for a Fog Death by Julie Doxsee Sean Patrick Hill
Dec 2008 The Sensory Cabinet by Mark DuCharme Josh Cook
Mar 2014 Robert Duncan: The Collected Later Poems and Plays edited by Peter Quartermain and Robert Duncan: The Collected Essays and Other Prose by James Maynard Patrick James Dunagan
Aug 2011 The H.D. Book by Robert Duncan Greer Mansfield
Jan 2009 What Goes On: Selected and New Poems 1995-2009 by Stephen Dunn Paul Franz
Jul 2007 The Spoken Word Revolution Redux edited by Mark Eleveld Izetta Mobley
Apr 2004 Skincerity by Laura Elrick Janine Armin
Nov 2011 Click and Clone by Elaine Equi Josh Cook
Jul 2003 The Cloud of Knowable Things by Elaine Equi David Harris
Oct 2008 The Complete Poetry: César Vallejo edited and translated by Clayton Eshleman Olivia Cronk
Nov 2006 The Republic of Poetry by Martin Espada Sam Kaufman
Aug 2004 Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest by B. H. Fairchild Laura Felch
Jul 2009 The Russian Version by Elena Fanailova, Translated by Genya Turovskaya and Stephanie Sandler Olivia Cronk
Dec 2011 movable TYYPE by Kathleen Fraser Lightsey Darst
May 2012 The Grief Performance by Emily Kendal Frey Trisha Red Campbell
Dec 2009 As Is by James Galvin Sean Patrick Hill
Feb 2007 The Second Child by Deborah Garrison Courtney Birst
Nov 2006 A Working Girl Can't Win by Deborah Garrison Courtney Birst-Wyrick
Sep 2013 Apollo by Geoffrey Gatza Kristina Marie Darling
Sep 2007 Magdalena by Maureen Gibbon Shaindel Beers
Nov 2006 The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice: First Journals and Poems, 1937-1952 by Allen Ginsberg Josh Cook
Apr 2014 In Defense of Nothing: Selected Poems 1987-2011 by Peter Gizzi Patrick James Dunagan
Nov 2003 The Activist by Renee Gladman David Harris
Apr 2010 Newcomer Can't Swim by Renee Gladman and Killing Kanoko by Hiromi Ito, translated by Jeffrey Angles Olivia Cronk
Apr 2016 The City Keeps: Selected and New Poems 1966-2014 by John Godfrey Patrick James Dunagan
Sep 2008 City of Corners by John Godfrey Gina Myers
Mar 2012 Everyday People by Albert Goldbarth Elizabeth Cantwell
Mar 2013 Seven American Deaths and Disasters by Kenneth Goldsmith Lightsey Darst
Dec 2008 As It Turned Out by Dmitry Golynko, translated by Eugene Ostashevsky and Rebecca Bella, with Simona Schneider Erin McKnight
Jun 2005 In the Ghost-House Acquainted by Kevin Goodan Maria Halovanic
Apr 2005 The Area of Sound Called the Subtone by Noah Eli Gordon Stephanie Anderson
Sep 2007 A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow by Noah Eli Gordon Izetta Mobley
Mar 2008 Novel Pictorial Noise by Noah Eli Gordon Jason B. Jones
Oct 2003 Final Girl by Daphne Gottlieb David Harris
Nov 2012 The Two Yvonnes by Jessica Greenbaum Courtney Birst
Jul 2007 case sensitive by Kate Greenstreet Olivia Cronk
Jul 2006 Learning the Language by Kate Greenstreet Olivia Cronk
Apr 2005 Ashes For Breakfast by Durs Grünbein Joey Rubin
Jan 2009 Tinderbox Lawn by Carol Guess Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Mar 2009 My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge by Paul Guest Olivia Cronk
May 2009 Selected Poems by Thom Gunn, edited by August Kleinzahler Richard Wirick
Jul 2010 Toxic Flora by Kimiko Hahn Elsbeth Pancrazi
Jul 2003 The Painted Bed by Donald Hall Tim Walker
May 2014 Modernist Women Poets: An Anthology edited by Robert Hass and Paul Ebenkamp Liza Bright
Jan 2009 The Dream We Carry: Selected and Last Poems by Olav H. Hauge, translated by Robert Bly and Robert Hedin Olivia Cronk
Nov 2006 Horror Vacui by Thomas Heise Jason B. Jones
Jul 2013 Drawing Water by Eva Heisler Anne Champion
Oct 2007 Fold Books by Stephen Hemenway Courtney Birst
Mar 2016 Costume en Face: A Primer of Darkness for Young Boys and Girls by Tatsumi Hijikata, translated by Sawako Nakayasu MH
Aug 2009 Sixty Sonnets by Ernest Hilbert Sonny Williams
Jan 2013 The Imagined Field by Sean Patrick Hill Cortney Bledsoe
Mar 2012 Practical Water by Brenda Hillman Lightsey Darst
Nov 2004 Fossil Sky by David Hinton Olivia Cronk
Feb 2010 Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty by Tony Hoagland Anya Groner
Apr 2007 Twentieth Century German Poetry edited by Michael Hoffman Olivia Cronk
Jun 2012 Negro League Baseball by Harmony Holiday Trisha Red Campbell
Oct 2008 Hard Reds by Brandi Homan Gina Myers
Dec 2004 Inner Voices and Paper Trail by Richard Howard Adam Travis
Jan 2006 The Lives of a Spirit/Glasstown: Where Something Got Broken by Fanny Howe Olivia Cronk
Jan 2004 Altazor by Vicente Huidobro Laura Felch
Jan 2010 Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers by Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi Olivia Cronk
Jun 2010 Anamnesis by Lucy Ives Josh Cook
Jan 2008 Epistles: Poems by Mark Jarman Jason B. Jones
Nov 2006 Poems I Wrote While Watching TV by Travis Jeppesen Jason B. Jones
Oct 2014 Bone Map by Sara Eliza Johnson Salvatore Ruggiero
Feb 2006 Into It by Lawrence Joseph Nicholas Gilewicz
May 2015 Women in Public by Elaine Kahn Brian Nicholson
Nov 2014 Paper Bullets by Julie Kane Laura Madeline Wiseman
Oct 2008 I Wrote Stone by Ryszard Kapuściński, translated by Diana Kuprel and Marek Kusiba Andrew Wessels
Jan 2010 The Black Automaton by Douglas Kearney Jacquelyn Davis
Jun 2006 Knowledge, Forms, the Aviary by Karla Kelsey Olivia Cronk
Mar 2008 Encouragement for a Man Falling to His Death by Christopher Kennedy Jason B. Jones
Dec 2015 What Diamonds Can Do by Claire Keyes Kali Lightfoot
May 2012 I Want to Make You Safe by Amy King Lightsey Darst
Apr 2004 The White Eyelash by Susan Kinsolving Wendy Anderson
Jul 2009 Union! by Ish Klein Gina Myers
Feb 2006 Jejuri by Arun Kolatkar Blythe Boyer
Dec 2004 Taboo by Yusef Komunyakaa Olivia Cronk
Feb 2013 Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom by Vlado Kreslin, translated by Urska Charney Rebecca Silber
Jul 2007 Glean by Joshua Kryah Jason B. Jones
Nov 2015 Small Hours by Ilyse Kusnetz Dale Cottingham
Jul 2003 As Ever by Joanne Kyger Dale Smith
May 2011 Last Seen by Jacqueline Jones LaMon Ellen Miller-Mack
Oct 2007 Awe by Dorothea Lasky Olivia Cronk
Aug 2012 The Book of Men by Dorianne Laux Rebecca Silber
Jul 2014 Monkeys, Minor Planet, Average Star by Gracie Leavitt Amber Mozurak
Jan 2009 The Heaven-Sent Leaf by Katy Lederer Gina Myers
Jul 2010 Kērotakis by Janice Lee Jacquelyn Davis
Oct 2014 An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell by Deborah Levy John Wilmes
Apr 2010 The Ancient Book of Hip by D. W. Lichtenberg Evan Karp
Aug 2005 The Beautifully Worthless by Ali Liebegott Olivia Cronk
Mar 2016 Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón Adam Ford
Nov 2006 you are a little bit happier than i am by Tao Lin Aysha Somasundaram
Jun 2007 What Feeds Us by Diane Lockward Courtney Birst-Wyrick
Apr 2007 Radish King by Rebecca Loudon Jason B. Jones
Dec 2008 Breaking the Willow: Poems of Parting, Exile, Separation and Reunion edited and translated by David Lunde Elizabeth Bachner
Mar 2008 God Particles by Thomas Lux Elizabeth Bachner
Mar 2008 Dear Body: by Dan Machlin Courtney Birst
Apr 2004 One Hundred Famous Views of Edo by Doug MacPherson and Edward Smallfield Michael Farrelly
Mar 2012 Slot by Jill Magi Lightsey Darst
Jan 2009 Ghost Alphabet by Al Maginnes Josh Cook
Nov 2012 The Bird that Swallowed Its Cage: The Selected Writings of Curzio Malaparte adapted and translated by Walter Murch Sessily Watt
Oct 2006 The Book of Jobs: Poems by Kathryn Maris Jason B. Jones
Feb 2013 Looms by Camille Martin Cortney Bledsoe
Aug 2008 Rogue Hemlocks by Carl Martin Josh Cook
May 2008 A Gathering of Matter/A Matter of Gathering by Dawn Lundy Martin Olivia Cronk
Feb 2011 One for None by m.g. martin Evan Karp
Mar 2016 The Animal Too Big to Kill by Shane McCrae Ryo Yamaguchi
Jul 2010 The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry: Contemporary Poets in Discussion and Practice edited by Gary L. McDowell and F. Daniel Rzicznek Anya Groner
Apr 2008 Seven Notebooks by Campbell McGrath Justin Taylor
Oct 2006 Richard Meier, Dara Wier, and Jon Woodward Olivia Cronk
Mar 2006 Present Company by W.S. Merwin Gilbert Purdy
Jan 2015 Essay Stanzas by Thomas Meyer Patrick James Dunagan
Oct 2014 Thousand Times Broken: Three Books by Henri Michaux, translated by Gillian Conoley Patrick James Dunagan
Aug 2003 Essays on Poetry by Ralph Mills, Jr. David Harris
Mar 2005 Second Space by Czeslaw Milosz Joey Rubin
Jul 2010 Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov Sean Patrick Hill
Nov 2006 I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone by Anna Moschovakis Olivia Cronk
Nov 2012 The Unmemntioable by Erin Moure Kathleen Rooney
Jan 2009 Banalities by Brane Mozetič, translated by Elizabeta Žargi and Timothy Liu Erin McKnight
Oct 2005 Lampblack & Ash by Simone Muench Maria Halovanic
Jan 2007 Horse Latitudes and The End of the Poem by Paul Muldoon Jason B. Jones
Oct 2010 Maggot by Paul Muldoon Josh Cook
May 2005 Fall by Amy Newman Sumita Sheth
Jun 2013 Obscenely Yours by Angelo Nikolopoulos Lara Rossana Rodriguez
Sep 2011 Culture of One by Alice Notley Ellen Miller-Mack
Apr 2008 A Different Practice by Frederik Nyberg translated by Jennifer Hayashida Olivia Cronk
Nov 2008 Reality Check by Dennis O'Driscoll Janis Lull
Nov 2014 Stag's Leap by Sharon Olds Kristina Marie Darling
Feb 2005 Strike Sparks: Selected Poems, 1980-2002 by Sharon Olds David Kieley
Jul 2003 The Hip Flask: Short Poems from Ireland edited by Frank Ormsby James Purdon
May 2009 How Beautiful the Beloved by Gregory Orr Sean Patrick Hill
Jan 2009 The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza by Eugene Ostashevsky Elizabeth Bachner
Oct 2007 Sightings: Selected Works (2000-2005) by Shin Yu Pai Olivia Cronk
Aug 2008 We Meet and The Walking Away World by Kenneth Patchen Katie Hartsock
Jun 2010 Rain by Don Paterson Mac Guy
Jun 2007 The Case Against Happiness by Jean-Paul Pecqueur Jason B. Jones
Sep 2007 The Body is No Machine by Jennifer Perrin Courtney Birst
May 2012 Goat in the Snow by Emily Pettit Rachel Mangini
Aug 2005 Chattahoochee by Patrick Phillips Gena Anderson
Oct 2015 The Incoming Tide by Cameron Pierce Gabino Iglesias
May 2009 Fortune's Lover by Rachel Pollack Olivia Cronk
May 2016 Posthumous Cantos by Ezra Pound, edited by Massimo Bacigalupo Patrick James Dunagan
Jul 2014 Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting: Poems by Kevin Powers Salvatore Ruggiero
Feb 2008 Sensational Spectacular by Nate Pritts Olivia Cronk
Mar 2005 Matter by Bin Ramke Olivia Cronk
Mar 2013 A Raft of Grief by Chelsea Rathburn Cortney Bledsoe
Aug 2004 Facts for Visitors by Srikanth Reddy Olivia Cronk
Aug 2006 New and Collected Poems: 1964-2006 by Ishmael Reed Jason Rotstein
Mar 2004 My Mojave by Donald Revell Diana Ghermann
Oct 2007 A Thief of Strings by Donald Revell Jason B. Jones
May 2015 Testimony: The United States (1885-1915): Recitative by Charles Reznikoff J P Poole
Oct 2007 Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth: Poems 2004-2006 by Adrienne Rich Elizabeth Bachner
Oct 2014 Second Sex by Michael Robbins J P Poole
Sep 2006 Swithering by Robin Robertson Jason Rotstein
Sep 2005 Apprehend by Elizabeth Robinson Charles Rybak
Sep 2013 On Ghosts by Elizabeth Robinson Erin Lyndal Martin
Oct 2013 Chord Box by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers Jim Zafris
May 2011 Unsolicited Poems by David Rowe Josh Cook
Feb 2006 The Niagara River by Kay Ryan Megan Marz
Jun 2007 Tarumba by Jaime Sabines Elizabeth Bachner
Jan 2016 Justice by Tomaž Šalamun, translated by Michael Thomas Taren Ryo Yamaguchi
May 2012 Croak by Jenny Sampirisi Rachel Mangini
Dec 2010 Had Slaves by Catherine Sasanov Josh Cook
Apr 2010 In This Alone Impulse by Shya Scanlon Matthew Simmons
Sep 2012 The Soft Place by Kate Schapira Rachel Mangini
May 2007 The Man Suit by Zachary Schomburg D. Richard Scannell
Jun 2012 FJORDS vol. 1 by Zachary Schomburg Elizabeth Cantwell
Jun 2010 Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems by James Schuyler Richard Wirick
Dec 2008 Dear Regime: Letters to the Islamic Republic by Roger Sedarat Olivia Cronk
Feb 2005 Buffalo Head Solos by Tim Seibles Joey Rubin
Jan 2007 Ooga Booga by Frederick Seidel Olivia Cronk
Mar 2009 Star in the Eye by James Shea Jacquelyn Davis
Dec 2008 The Alps by Brandon Shimoda Gina Myers
Jun 2014 You Animal Machine (The Golden Greek) by Eleni Sikelianos Patrick James Dunagan
May 2005 Crush by Richard Siken Gena Anderson
Jun 2005 My Noiseless Entourage by Charles Simic Raymond L Bianchi
Jul 2007 Theory of Orange by Rachel M. Simon Jason B. Jones
Mar 2009 Warsaw Bikini by Sandra Simonds Gina Myers
Mar 2009 Struggling Times by Louis Simpson Paul Franz
Feb 2010 Stranger by Laura Sims Jacquelyn Davis
Aug 2008 Secondary Sound by Justin Sirois Gina Myers
Mar 2004 before, during, and after by Hal Sirowitz Gena Anderson
Jun 2011 Knocking at the Door: Poems About Approaching the Other edited by Lisa Sisler and Lea C. Deschenes Caroline Hagood
May 2008 Red Shifting by Aleksandr Skidan, translated by Genya Turovskaya Blythe Boyer
Jun 2012 Panic Attack, USA by Nate Slawson Rebecca Silber
Sep 2007 Space Walk by Tom Sleigh Jason B. Jones
Jun 2003 The Flood & The Garden: A Daybook by Dale Smith Tim Walker
Oct 2010 The Poets Laureate Anthology edited by Elizabeth Hun Schmidt Paul Holler
Jul 2010 Multiverse by Mike Smith Josh Cook
May 2006 Early Distant Warning by Rad Smith Jason Rotstein
Jul 2004 Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems by Gary Snyder Laura Felch
Mar 2006 Modern and Normal by Karen Solie Mandy Brouse
Sep 2011 The Hermit by Laura Solomon Lightsey Darst
Apr 2009 I Heard God Talking to Me: William Edmondson and His Stone Carvings by Elizabeth Spires Jason B. Jones
Oct 2015 Beautiful Nerve by Sheila Squillante Anne Champion
Sep 2009 Book Made of Forest by Jared Stanley Olivia Cronk
Nov 2007 Dog Girl by Heidi Lynn Stapes Jason B. Jones
Mar 2007 A Map by a Dim Lamp by Ron Starr Jason B. Jones
Jan 2009 The Method by Sasha Steensen Andrew Wessels
May 2014 Someone Else's Wedding Vows by Bianca Stone J P Poole
Sep 2013 Almost Invisible by Mark Strand Matt Hartman
Apr 2005 The Cuckoo by Peter Streckfus Jason Hensel
Feb 2009 Of This World: New and Selected Poems by Joseph Stroud John Madera
Dec 2011 Trees of the Twentieth Century by Stephen Sturgeon Josh Cook
Sep 2010 The Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney de las Minas de Cobre by Chad Sweeney Elizabeth Hildreth
Sep 2015 Hart Island by Stacy Szymaszek Patrick James Dunagan
Sep 2004 Pastorelles by John Taggart Anastasios Kozaitis
May 2008 The Ghost Soldiers by James Tate Richard Wirick
Jan 2015 Eye to Eye by Maria Terrone George Guida
Feb 2005 Madness and Retribution by Juliette Torrez Laura Leichum
Mar 2005 Invisible Bride by Tony Tost Gena Anderson
Jun 2005 Within the Margin by Truong Tran Raymond L Bianchi
Mar 2013 Palm Trees by Nick Twemlow Rebecca Silber
Apr 2006 Native Guard by Natasha Trethewey Nicholas Gilewicz
May 2006 Here, Bullet by Brian Turner Mark Jenkins
Jul 2003 Crossing the Outskirts by Julian Turner David Harris
Feb 2008 Undid in the Land of the Undone by Lee Upton Olivia Cronk
Mar 2007 Inkblot and Altar by Laura Van Prooyen Aysha Somasundaram
Mar 2016 Viability by Sarah Vap Kali Lightfoot
Apr 2010 g-point almanac: passyunk lost by Kevin Varrone Josh Cook
Jan 2014 A House of Many Windows by Donna Vorreyer Anne Champion
Mar 2010 White Egrets by Derek Walcott Kimberly Chou
Feb 2005 Structure of the World Compared to a Bubble by Anne Waldman Olivia Cronk
Sep 2004 The Escape by Jo Ann Wasserman Sasha Watson
Jun 2011 The Other Place You Live by Jane O. Wayne Ellen Miller-Mack
Jul 2008 Isle of the Signatories by Marjorie Welish Olivia Cronk
Sep 2013 Small Porcelain Head by Allison Benis White Ellen Miller-Mack
May 2010 Selenography by Joshua Marie Wilkinson Sean Patrick Hill
May 2006 Suspension of a Secret in Abandoned Rooms by Joshua Marie Wilkinson David Kieley
May 2010 Wait by C. K. Williams Josh Cook
Sep 2015 Lucy Negro, Redux by Caroline Randall Williams Vanessa Willoughby
Apr 2014 Gazelle in the House by Lisa Williams Rachel Mangini
Mar 2016 Beautiful Zero by Jennifer Willoughby Salvatore Ruggiero
May 2007 The Pictures by Max Winter Olivia Cronk
Oct 2004 Figment by Rebecca Wolff Olivia Cronk
Feb 2005 Buffalo Yoga by Charles Wright Wendy Anderson
Mar 2009 Sestets by Charles Wright Janis Lull
Mar 2009 The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine by Mark Yakich Sean Patrick Hill
Nov 2011 Fire Wind by Yván Yauri, translated by Marta del Pozo and Nicholas Rattner Elizabeth Cantwell
Jan 2010 Aim Straight at the Fountain and Press Vaporize by Elizabeth Marie Young Jacquelyn Davis
Apr 2005 Black Maria by Kevin Young Joey Rubin
Jan 2007 For the Confederate Dead by Kevin Young Amy Güth
Jan 2013 The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food and Drink edited by Kevin Young Rebecca Silber
Aug 2006 Circulation Flowers by Chuck Stebelton and Telling the Future Off by Stephanie Young Nicholas Gilewicz
Feb 2011 Come On All You Ghosts by Matthew Zapruder Sean Patrick Hill
Nov 2008 The Pajamaist by Matthew Zapruder Jason B. Jones
Jul 2014 Sun Bear by Matthew Zapruder Erin Lyndal Martin