Magazine Whore

"Now, I am not necessarily a magazine snob. After all, I've admitted to reading Elle Girl and Vogue on a regular basis. But I also like to pride myself on my collection of Grand Streets and Paris Reviews as well."
Date Title Columnist
Nov 2008 Food Network Magazine Jennifer Johnson
Oct 2008 Mental Floss Jennifer Johnson
Jul 2008 Ty Pennington at Home Jennifer Johnson
Feb 2008 Pink. You know. For girls. Jennifer Johnson
Jan 2008 Brain, Child Jennifer Johnson
Oct 2007 Blueprint Jennifer Johnson
Oct 2007 Hemispheres Jennifer Johnson
Sep 2007 Empowering Women Jennifer Johnson
Jul 2007 Death of a Magazine A Farewell to Jane Jennifer Johnson
Jun 2007 Advertisements in Disguise Jennifer Johnson
Apr 2007 How to Make a Million Jennifer Johnson
Mar 2007 Geek Monthly Jennifer Johnson
Feb 2007 Everyday with Rachael Ray Jennifer Johnson
Mar 2006 Extreme Ironists, Unite!! Melissa Fischer
Feb 2006 Intellectual Gastronomica vs. Low-Brow CHOW Melissa Fischer
Jan 2006 When Magazine Whore is Crowned Queen Melissa Fischer
Dec 2005 Modern Man and His High Fallutin' Sexbots Melissa Fischer
Oct 2005 The Pleasure of the Surface DeAnn Welker
Jun 2005 The Death of Reading (Magazines) DeAnn Welker
Apr 2005 The One Reason for a Magazine Subscription DeAnn Welker
Jan 2004 Jam This Randy Schaub
Dec 2003 Rue Morgue Randy Schaub
Oct 2003 The Believer Randy Schaub
Jul 2003 Stuff Randy Schaub
Jun 2003 Entrails of a Magazine Randy Schaub
Dec 2002 Punka: a look at 2 modern music mags Sonia Pereira
Nov 2002 Fortean Times and The World of Strange Phenomena Sonia Pereira
Oct 2002 O My Gosh, It's Oprah! Sonia Pereira
Sep 2002 Victory is Sweet Sonia Pereira
Aug 2002 Kids in America Sonia Pereira
Jul 2002 Vogue - Celebrator of the Female Form or Pseudo-PC Smut? Sonia Pereira