August 2003

Jessa Crispin


Letter from the Editor

You know those special "Summer Double Issues" of magazines? They say they're the same as two issues, but really they're maybe twenty pages thicker, and fifteen of those pages are ads? That's what we're giving you this month.

The move is nearly here, and we'll be in transit the last few days of August and first few days of September. Instead of being hopelessly late (like this issue, thank you very much, salmonella), we're just skipping it altogether and calling this issue "double." We'll be the first to admit it's all a ploy.

But don't worry, the blog will still be here to keep you company. We have guest bloggers! The fine souls who bent to my begging and pleading are:

Michael Schaub, our own Propagandist
Peter Wild, editor of
The Antic Muse, of fame
Steve Almond, author of My Life in Heavy Metal

We have yet to begin packing. I have heavily cut down my book collection through trips to the used bookstore and forcing books on my friends when they come over. It's still never enough. Not when you have to pack and carry each and every book you own. We just did this a year ago, and I'm amazed how the books have grown since then.

My brain is too tired from the boxes and the apartment seeking (we're evidently going to be living in the Swedish lesbian neighborhood of Chicago) and the guilt for owning too many books. But it'll all be over soon, and I promise not to torture you with tales of unpacking.

We'll be back in October. see you then.

-- Jessa Crispin