Hollywood Madam

"The language is diluted into dialogue and voice-over, while the images come to life in widescreen Technicolor and the characters are embodied by actors of Hollywood perfection. Whether or not this is a fair trade depends on too many factors to name."
Date Title Columnist
Jul 2008 Belle de Jour Liz Miller
Dec 2007 No Country for Old Men Liz Miller
Oct 2007 Childhood Classics Can Be Traumatic: The Dark is Rising, and a Call for Young Adult Adaptation Anguish Liz Miller
Sep 2007 Kitchen Confidential Liz Miller
Jun 2007 An Open Letter to Zack Snyder Liz Miller
Apr 2007 The Short Story Writ Big Screen: Stephanie Harrison's Adaptations Collection Liz Miller
Feb 2007 Best Adapted Tradition Liz Miller
Jan 2007 Andrew Davies: Every Century Needs Some Dickens Liz Miller
Nov 2006 2006 Holiday Movie Guide Liz Miller
Oct 2006 Made for Moping: The Graduate Liz Miller
Aug 2006 The Devil Wears Prada Liz Miller
Jun 2006 A Good Case for Snobbery: The Da Vinci Code Liz Miller
Apr 2006 V for Vendetta Liz Miller
Mar 2006 A Cock and Bull Adaptation Liz Miller
Feb 2006 Borders Picks the Oscars Liz Miller
Jan 2006 Size Doesn't Matter: Brokeback Mountain Liz Miller
Nov 2005 Holiday Movie Guide 2006! Liz Miller
Oct 2005 Movie and Book, Not So Premium Liz Miller
Aug 2005 The Godfather: Happy Belated Father's Day, Dad Liz Miller
Jun 2005 Don't Panic -- It Could Have Been Worse Liz Miller
Apr 2005 Hot Teen Shakespeare! Liz Miller
Mar 2005 Orlando: Gender Transcended Liz Miller
Feb 2005 Best Adapted Screenplay Liz Miller
Jan 2005 A Good Vintage From a Bad Year: Sideways Liz Miller
Dec 2004 It's Not Half-Bad A Movie, Either: It's A Wonderful Life Liz Miller
Oct 2004 2005 Holiday Movie Guide Liz Miller
Sep 2004 The 2004 Pessimism Spectacular! Liz Miller
Aug 2004 Bonfire of the Vanities Liz Miller
Jul 2004 Hornby in the Summertime Liz Miller
Jun 2004 Troy -- A Conversation With A Classics Major Liz Miller
May 2004 A Nerdy Day At the Movies, and The Three Laws of Adaptations Liz Miller
Apr 2004 Dreamcatcher: Fuck Me, Freddy Liz Miller
Mar 2004 That Whole Pink Thing Liz Miller
Feb 2004 The Second Book-to-Film Experiment Liz Miller
Jan 2004 A Letter to Oscar Liz Miller
Dec 2003 The Hollywood Madam Holiday Movie Guide! Liz Miller
Nov 2003 The Grisham Experiment Liz Miller
Oct 2003 Matchstick Men: Burnt Out Liz Miller
Jul 2003 DVD commentaries are beautiful things Liz Miller
Dec 2002 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Liz Miller
Nov 2002 Hollywood Madam Does From Hell Liz Miller
Oct 2002 Possession, Or the Lack Thereof Liz Miller