Letter from the editor

I haven't had to look for a job in years. Almost four to be exact. For a while I was job hunting every couple months or so as temp jobs would run out. And now I'm supposed to find a job halfway across the country without any real means of getting there for an interview.

This ought to be interesting.

My parents ask me what I'm looking for and I tend to answer "anything." The truth is I can't focus because I can't make up my mind. Perhaps I'd like to work at a bookstore. Be surrounded by books all day, work at an independent that pays okay if there is such a thing. But then I remember I'm very possessive about my evenings and weekends.

I'm pretty good at proofreading and editing. And I get an odd thrill out of it. Perhaps I can be a freelancer and work at home. But then I remember I have no idea how to get one of those jobs.

Maybe I should start applying for every administrative assistant job I can find. It would be a step down, but nonprofits for some reason do not hire for fundraising departments during economic slumps. And maybe there would be something dull enough that I can blog at work? But then I realize I may rather throw myself out of a window.

Every once and a while I'll consider sending my writing samples to publications in Chicago, then I panic and fear rejection.

Anybody out there in Chicago want to give me a job?

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- Jessa