Features - Issue 14

Interview with Andi Watson
The comic artist talks to Bookslut about his new book, Love Fights.

100 Books Project
Herion addiction's a bitch.

Letter from the editor



Author interviews

The formation of an alloy: an interview with Pete Hamill by Joseph Finn (issue 11)

A Conversation with Sherman Alexie by Jen Crispin (issue 10)

Penguins and parenting: an interview with Amy Fusselman by Jessa Crispin (issue 8)

The Greatest Living American Rock Star: a conversation with the incorrigible Neal Pollack by Kenan Hebert (issue 8)


"It is kind of psychotic to write poetry": an interview with the founders of Skanky Possum by Jessa Crispin (issue 11)

The ecstasy of books, the agony of funnel cakes: slumming at the Texas Book Festival by Michael Schaub (issue 8)

Bookpunks: So New Media and their very serious stapler by Jessa Crispin (issue 6)

Independent bookstore profiles

Stars Our Destination

Antigone Books


In Response to Bitch (issue 4)

Independent Bookstores vs. Chains: a Conversation (issue 9)


What You Said #1 (issue 4)
What You Said #2 (issue 5)
What You Said #5 (issue 7)

Letters to the Editor (issue 5)


The Los Angeles Times Book Festival

Valentine's Day Guide to Smutty Books

Buy a vowel, steal a consonant by Alan C. Baird

Poems Against War

Covers Cavalcade