January 2004

Karin L. Kross


Four Questions for Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis's mailing list, Bad Signal, has been mentioned many times at Bookslut before, and with good reason: it's a little bit of his anarchy in your mailbox to brighten up your day. On December 29, 11AM GMT, Ellis sent forth this challenge:

Okay, for all those websites that have been bugging me for interviews all year, it's the end of the year and I feel like tying off its bloody stump today, so here's the deal:

I'll answer a four-question interview for any website so long as it reaches me within 12 hours of my sending this email.

I took him up on the offer, and here's the result:

1. In the "Japanese people, please stop freaking us out" sweepstakes from this year on diepunyhumans.com (the wanking machine, the weird bloodied-stump dolls, etc), what's the strangest thing you've found so far?

God, there were so many. I think the Scatalogical Anime Sex Doll -- the life-size RealDoll with the anime-character face that produces turds. For the man who needs to indulge more than one form of brain damage at a time.

2. Is there any movie, book, or comic (or one of each) you've seen or read this year that you wish you hadn't? What would you prefer to have seen, read, or done in their place?

Most of them. And I would rather have been forced to depilate a raging tiger with a toothbrush while trapped in a phone box with the bastard. 2003 was a real cultural dead zone, the likes of which I hope we do not see again in a hurry.

3. On the other side of the coin, what's a movie, book, or comic that pleasantly surprised you this year?

You know... I've sat here thinking for five minutes about this. The things I enjoyed, I knew I was going to enjoy. I can't think of anything that genuinely surprised me. It was a really bad year.

4. Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? If so, what's one of yours? If not, what would you resolve if you *did* believe in them?

I'd believe in New Year's resolutions if I thought I'd have a hope in hell of remembering them the next day...

And there you have it. And if this piques your interest, and you haven't already subscribed, send a message to badsignal-subscribe@lists.flirble.org to subscribe to Bad Signal and fill your mailbox with more.