Valentine's Day Guide to Smutty Books
by Jen Crispin
introduction by Jessa Crispin

Remember trading romance novels in middle school? If your friends were good friends, they would bookmark the good sex scenes so you could skip to them directly. Forget all of the "plot" points – pillaging pirates, unsatisfied virgins, a frigid intellectual – and get to the "throbbing member" and "heaving breasts".

Well, we've done all of the hard work for you and bring you our Valentine's Day Romance Extravaganza. Especially on a holiday like this you want to skip through the plot and get right to the action. Jen dutifully scanned an array of romances, most available from for a penny, and bookmarks the sex scenes for you. We even outline what kind of scene it includes so you can better find the book that will suit your needs.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day.

Title and Author Synopsis Page numbers of good sex scenes Types of sex scenes
The Return of Adams Cade
by BJ James
Adams Cade returns to his hometown to find his childhood tomboy friend Eden all grown up and sexy. There is added controversy due to the fact that the reason he left in the first place was because he was arrested for aggravated assault. Whee! 64-65 sex on the beach
97-101 woman seduces/soothes man
168-170 lovers sneak away from party to have sex
Navajo's Woman
by Beverly Barton
Navajo Joe Ornelas returns to town to find ex-girlfriend Andi has still not forgiven him for the arrest of her father that then led to her father's suicide five years ago. But of course they never had sex all those years ago so tension abounds. 158-162 sex in front seat of car
200-203 sex with mild restraint
221-223 woman on top
Mission: Makeover
by Penny Jordan
Tomboy Lucianna just can't seem to keep the interest of her man, so when said boyfriend goes away on holiday, family friend Jake agrees to teach her how to "be a woman." Of course it just so happens that he's lusted after her since she was 16. 111-120 gasping virgin
174-179 make-up sex
181-182 sex on the
Eve's Wedding Knight
by Kathleen Creighton
Moments before Eve's wedding, she discovers that her intended is a mafia boss. She runs straight into an FBI boss who has been trying to arrest this particular mafia boss for years. Of course she ends up bugging her fiancee's apartment and the agent has to listen to her every sound. 191-197 sex in a sleeper semi cab
Thursday's Child
by Sandra Brown
Identical twin sisters. One has a breast implant as a "wedding present" to her husband. In order to keep it a surprise, she has her twin fill in for her while she is recovering. Of course the fiancee's best friend falls for the twin and all hell breaks loose. 173-180 blushing virgin
The Groom's Revenge
by Susan Crosby
Gray marries Mollie as a part of a larger plot to exact revenge for his father's death. But of course Mollie is so sweet and innocent and sexy he falls in love with her anyway. Craziness ensues. 99-100 wedding night deflowering
118-120 woman straddling man
146-149 parking progresses to sex at home

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