"I love a good meal. Whether it's something as simple as a cheeseburger done right or as elaborate as a prix fixe tasting menu, I love meals where good ingredients prepared with respect for both the food and the diner force you to focus on food as an experience rather than as a simple biological imperative."
Date Title Columnist
Oct 2006 Doña Tomás Jessa Crispin
Feb 2005 Nothing Simple About It Tom Bernard
Dec 2004 Hot Tomatoes, with a side order of rank seasonal sentimentality Tom Bernard
Oct 2004 Spanning the Globe Tom Bernard
Jul 2004 Pilgrim's Progress Tom Bernard
Jun 2004 Oh L'Amour, More, More, More! Tom Bernard
Apr 2004 Cookslut Classic: The Moosewood Cookbook Tom Bernard
Mar 2004 Too Little, Too Latte Tom Bernard
Feb 2004 Community Standards Tom Bernard
Jan 2004 a la carte Tom Bernard
Dec 2003 Compassionate Con-serve-itism Tom Bernard
Nov 2003 Third Helping Tom Bernard
Oct 2003 Cookbook Confidential Tom Bernard
Aug 2003 Prep Work Tom Bernard