"Comics are not a genre; they are a form which may be used to deliver stories of all kinds. I get very testy when comics are written off as being 'for kids.'"
Date Title Columnist
Jul 2013 An Interview with Jess Fink Martyn Pedler
Jun 2013 But She's Gone Now: Reading Anders Nilsen's Grief Martyn Pedler
May 2013 Five Faces and What’s Behind Them Martyn Pedler
Mar 2013 I Am a Hole: Geneviève Castrée's Susceptible Martyn Pedler
Feb 2013 Is This The Future?: Tom Kaczynski’s Beta Testing The Apocalypse Martyn Pedler
Jan 2013 Be Alone With Me: Sunday in the Park with Boys and The Nao of Brown Martyn Pedler
Oct 2012 Every Motherfucker Has A Story: Steven Weissman’s Barack Hussein Obama Martyn Pedler
Oct 2012 Go, Go, Go, Go, Go: Theo Ellsworth's The Understanding Monster Martyn Pedler
Aug 2012 Empty Bottles and Personal Alphabets: It Is Almost That Martyn Pedler
Jun 2012 Blind Thrills, Sacred Cows, and Michel Fiffe's Deathzone! Martyn Pedler
Jun 2012 Trash-Gazing: Rachel Hope Allison's I'm Not a Plastic Bag Martyn Pedler
May 2012 Digital Ghosts: The Last American and Dapper John Martyn Pedler
Mar 2012 A Rabbit's Heart: Gabriella Giandelli’s Interiorae Martyn Pedler
Mar 2012 Not In My Backyard: Pat Grant's Blue Martyn Pedler
Jan 2012 Self-Publish or Perish: The Great Disappointment and Wolves Martyn Pedler
Dec 2011 Golden Age Obituaries Martyn Pedler
Dec 2011 Boom Dead Next: Nate Powell's Any Empire Martyn Pedler
Sep 2011 The Cockroach in Your Head Martyn Pedler
Jul 2011 Hyperbole Philosophy: Grant Morrison's Supergods Martyn Pedler
Jul 2011 Some Comics Need You, Some Comics Don’t Martyn Pedler
Jun 2011 The Influencing Machine and Josh Neufeld’s New Objectivity Martyn Pedler
May 2011 Superman For Everybody Martyn Pedler
Mar 2011 Duncan the Wonder Dog and Animal Em-pa-thy Martyn Pedler
Mar 2011 Carla Speed McNeil and the Good Stuff Martyn Pedler
Jan 2011 The Secret of The Sixth Gun Martyn Pedler
Oct 2010 Looking Inside Charles Burns’ X’ed Out Martyn Pedler
Sep 2010 Why Read Comic Books? Martyn Pedler
Jul 2010 My Weekend with Harvey Martyn Pedler
Jul 2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. Endless Possibilities Martyn Pedler
Jun 2010 Kiss With Your Eyes Open: Dash Shaw’s BodyWorld Martyn Pedler
May 2010 The Margins of the World: Going Back to Hicksville Martyn Pedler
Mar 2010 In Defense of Underwear Perverts Martyn Pedler
Jan 2010 Worse Then, Worse Now: Footnotes in Gaza Martyn Pedler
Jan 2010 The Red-Headed Poet: Peter Milligan's Changing Man Martyn Pedler
Dec 2009 Don't Fall Asleep!: The Horrors of Al Columbia's Pim & Francie Martyn Pedler
Nov 2009 Inside Out: Graphic Sickness and David Small's Stitches Martyn Pedler
Sep 2009 Eddy Current Was Wrong: Looking Back at the Ted McKeever Library Martyn Pedler
Sep 2009 Comic Adaptation Martyn Pedler
Aug 2009 Dark Entries by Ian Rankin Shaun Manning
Feb 2008 Super Sizin' It: Eisner Judges Reunited for a Best of 2007 Extravaganza Jeff VanderMeer
Jan 2008 The Top Graphic Novels of the Year Jeff VanderMeer
Jan 2008 The Best Manga of All Time Jeff VanderMeer
Dec 2007 It's a Shooting War Jeff VanderMeer
Nov 2007 The Arrival of Shaun Tan Jeff VanderMeer
Oct 2007 Cute Animals/Cool Adventures vs... Angst-Ridden Death Island Jeff VanderMeer
Sep 2007 Balanced Between the Blot and the Boys Jeff VanderMeer
Jul 2007 In Which We Get Rid of Our Backlog Jeff VanderMeer
Jun 2007 Execution Row: Or, Thank You for Your Semi-Autobiographical Account Of... ZZZZZZZZ Jeff VanderMeer
May 2007 The Eisner Award Interrogations -- So Long (If Fascinating) You’ll Want to Print it! Jeff VanderMeer
Apr 2007 Top Shelf X 4 = Required Reading Jeff VanderMeer
Mar 2007 An Anvil Is Not an Artichoke Jeff VanderMeer
Feb 2007 MOOMIN MOOMIN MOOMIN (and Little Lit) Jeff VanderMeer
Jan 2007 Ivan Brunetti and Jules Feiffer Jeff VanderMeer
Nov 2006 Catching Up Jeff VanderMeer
Nov 2006 Best American Comics, and an Interview with Rebecca Dart Jeff VanderMeer
Oct 2006 Indian Comics, Lost Girls, Cute Litul Alien Murderers, and Four-Brained Scientists Jeff VanderMeer
Oct 2005 Goodbye, and Hello Karin L. Kross
Aug 2005 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Con Karin L. Kross
Jul 2005 Comics Newbies Karin L. Kross
Apr 2005 Politics and Sequential Art Karin L. Kross
Mar 2005 From Comics to Crap Karin L. Kross
Jan 2005 Reviewing the End of the Year Reviews Karin L. Kross
Dec 2004 Comicbookslut in Japan: Beyond Tokyopop Karin L. Kross
Aug 2004 Free Comic Book Day Karin L. Kross
Jun 2004 The Latest from Vertigo Karin L. Kross
Apr 2004 Louis Riel by Chester Brown Karin L. Kross
Mar 2004 Ridiculous and Sublime: Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha Karin L. Kross
Feb 2004 Sweet and Sad: Craig Thompson's Graphic Novels Karin L. Kross
Jan 2004 The Comicbookslut Year In Review Karin L. Kross
Nov 2003 Lea Hernandez's Comics for Girls Karin L. Kross
Oct 2003 An Open Letter Karin L. Kross
Aug 2003 Micropayments Karin L. Kross
Jul 2003 Bob Fingerman’s Beg the Question and Why Indie Comics Matter Karin L. Kross
Jun 2003 Vertigo at Ten: a few thoughts Karin L. Kross
Nov 2002 Comicbookslut Recommends: V for Vendetta (Guy Fawkes Day special) Karin L. Kross
Oct 2002 Comics for the Ill: Jhonen Vasquez Karin L. Kross
Sep 2002 The Dark Knight Misses Karin L. Kross
Aug 2002 Grant Morrison's "The Filth" Karin L. Kross
Jul 2002 Comic Wars - How Two Tycoons Battled Over the Marvel Comics Empire -- And Both Lost by Dan Raviv Karin L. Kross
Jun 2002 Dave McKean’s Cages Karin L. Kross
May 2002 Picturing the Catastrophe Karin L. Kross