"The endless repetition of two-page articles on the same six subjects (breast feeding, exercise during pregnancy, natural vs. medical delivery, child discipline, rare infant illnesses and maternity fashion) are starting to get annoying. It's time to start reading some books that can actually address some issues in depth."
Date Title Columnist
Oct 2005 Impending Birth Jen Crispin
Aug 2005 Essential Reference Guides Jen Crispin
Feb 2005 Taking Charge of Fertility Jen Crispin
Dec 2004 Let's Point and Laugh, Shall We? Jen Crispin
Aug 2004 Breeder Thinking Jen Crispin
Jul 2004 Our Bodies, Our Selves Jen Crispin
Jun 2004 Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy Jen Crispin
Apr 2004 An Introduction Jen Crispin