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Date Title Category
Jan 2016 This is Why I Came by Mary Rakow fiction
Aug 2014 Matrimony, War, and the Habsburg Chin features
Apr 2014 Alice Dunbar-Nelson: On Producing Literature An Attempt
Feb 2014 Essay as Inquiry: Rebecca West An Attempt
Dec 2013 Zitkala-Sa: Companionship Through a New Narrative An Attempt
Oct 2013 Maeve Brennan: Searching for Home An Attempt
Aug 2013 The Pleasure in Drawing by Jean-Luc Nancy, translated by Philip Armstrong nonfiction
Jul 2013 My Private China by Alex Kuo nonfiction
Jul 2013 Charles Lamb: The Original Neurotic An Attempt
Jun 2013 Mono no aware: The Female Essayist of Medieval Japan An Attempt
May 2013 The Riotous, Wounded Wit of Stanley Elkin: On Illness as Muse An Attempt
May 2013 A Swarm, a Flock, a Host: A Compendium of Creatures by Mark Doty and Darren Waterston poetry
May 2013 What is Left Unsaid: On Natalia Ginzburg An Attempt
Mar 2013 Max Beerbohm is Cranky: On the Appeal of the Curmudgeon An Attempt
Mar 2013 A Palette of Particles by Jeremy Bernstein nonfiction
Dec 2012 On Being Ill with Notes from Sick Rooms by Virginia Woolf and Julia Stephen nonfiction
Dec 2012 You Were Never in Chicago by Neil Steinberg nonfiction
Nov 2012 The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolf Erich Raspe fiction
Nov 2012 A Man of Misconceptions: The Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change by John Glassie nonfiction
Aug 2012 A Voyage to the Island of the Articoles by André Maurois fiction
Jun 2012 The Sun King by Nancy Mitford nonfiction
Mar 2012 Studs Terkel's Chicago by Studs Terkel nonfiction