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Date Title Category
Apr 2015 The Pity of Advice Thousandfurs
Feb 2015 Through the Woods Thousandfurs
Jan 2015 For People Whose Souls Are Already Formed Thousandfurs
Nov 2014 "Womanlike" "Domestic" Thousandfurs
Nov 2014 News from You Thousandfurs
Oct 2014 Last Words Thousandfurs
Aug 2014 Self-Portrait By Someone Else Thousandfurs
Aug 2014 The Poetry News Thousandfurs
Jul 2014 A Closed Loop Thousandfurs
Jun 2014 The Anne Carson Workout Thousandfurs
May 2014 This Is Why We Read "To the Lighthouse" Thousandfurs
Apr 2014 No Forwarding Address Thousandfurs
Mar 2014 An Answer to My Message Thousandfurs
Jan 2014 A Friend in the Margins Thousandfurs
Jan 2014 The Female Body: Reading Mysteries Thousandfurs
Dec 2013 Shakespeare's Sister Thousandfurs
Dec 2013 How Forests Think by Eduardo Kohn nonfiction
Nov 2013 Looking for Disappointment Thousandfurs
Oct 2013 In the Sensorium Thousandfurs
Sep 2013 Growing Up Female in America Thousandfurs
Aug 2013 Thole: "to endure without complaint or resistance" Thousandfurs
Jun 2013 Claudine in an Airport Bookstore Thousandfurs
Jun 2013 A dead woman's library. Thousandfurs
May 2013 The Violence of Women Thousandfurs
Mar 2013 Time to Go Thousandfurs
Mar 2013 For example, armor. Thousandfurs
Mar 2013 Seven American Deaths and Disasters by Kenneth Goldsmith poetry
Feb 2013 Reading Like a Magpie Thousandfurs
Jan 2013 New Years Party Thousandfurs
Dec 2012 A Christmas Ghost Story Thousandfurs
Nov 2012 The Heroine Desires Thousandfurs
Sep 2012 Genocide and Tuna Salad Thousandfurs
Sep 2012 Why Lyrics Last: Evolution, Cognition, and Shakespeare's Sonnets by Brian Boyd nonfiction
Aug 2012 Exhausted City Thousandfurs
Jun 2012 Women Wrestling Thousandfurs
Jun 2012 Unterzakhn by Leela Corman fiction
Jun 2012 A Curious Absence: Geoff Dyer's Zona features
Jun 2012 A Book of the Book Thousandfurs
May 2012 What They Are Reading Thousandfurs
May 2012 I Want to Make You Safe by Amy King poetry
Mar 2012 Eavesdropping on Donne Thousandfurs
Mar 2012 Slot by Jill Magi poetry
Mar 2012 Practical Water by Brenda Hillman poetry
Feb 2012 Who Gave You That Book? Thousandfurs
Jan 2012 Tradecraft Thousandfurs
Dec 2011 movable TYYPE by Kathleen Fraser poetry
Dec 2011 A Lesson in Iridescence Thousandfurs
Dec 2011 Betty Superman by Tiff Holland fiction
Oct 2011 Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History by Bill Laws nonfiction
Sep 2011 Green Girl by Kate Zambreno fiction
Sep 2011 The Hermit by Laura Solomon poetry