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Jul 2015 "My brain I'll prove the female to my soul": On Shakespeare and Women The Bombshell
May 2015 How Women Make Capitalism Possible and Other Feminist Shades of Socialism: On Eleanor Marx, Mrs Engels, and the Paris Commune The Bombshell
Apr 2015 A Miniature Model of Modernity: Suite for Barbara Loden The Bombshell
Feb 2015 Nella Larsen's Fantastic Motley of Ugliness and Beauty The Bombshell
Jan 2015 Jumping Into an Orgy While Still Shaving Your Legs: On Women Filmmakers The Bombshell
Jan 2015 Malinche's Revenge and Other Chicana Lesbian Feminisms The Bombshell
Nov 2014 The Joans of Arc The Bombshell
Nov 2014 "Great Hera!" "Suffering Sappho!": The Secret History of Wonder Woman The Bombshell
Oct 2014 Essential Feminism The Bombshell
Aug 2014 "These Artful Jezebels": On American Spies The Bombshell
Aug 2014 The Dangerous Women Game The Bombshell
Jul 2014 The "Pure Cinema" of Germaine Dulac The Bombshell
May 2014 The Obscene Hilda Hilst The Bombshell
May 2014 "The Woman of the Injured Locust Tree of Qi" and Other Tales of How a Woman Should Be The Bombshell
Apr 2014 "All The Women Are White, All The Blacks Are Men, But Some Of Us Are Brave": On the Legacy of Black Women Entertainers The Bombshell
Mar 2014 How To Be Lost: Sex (Race, Class, and Gender) in the City of Light The Bombshell
Feb 2014 Women of the Fifties Redux: A Mad Men Antidote The Bombshell
Jan 2014 A Healthy Distrust of Reality: The Revolutionary Margaret Randall The Bombshell
Dec 2013 Descended From Horse-Thieves: Who was Barbara Stanwyck? The Bombshell
Nov 2013 Hindered to Succeed: The Great American Spinster Poetess Marianne Moore The Bombshell
Oct 2013 What Is Lost: Jane Franklin and the Great Man Syndrome The Bombshell
Sep 2013 Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Domestic Suspense Redux The Bombshell
Aug 2013 Up and Down the Gaza Strip with Dervla Murphy The Bombshell
Jun 2013 That Damned Mob of Scribbling Women The Bombshell
May 2013 The Helens of Troy The Bombshell
May 2013 Two Ambitious Midwestern Girls: Willa Cather and Mary MacLane The Bombshell
Mar 2013 I Died for Beauty: Dorothy Wrinch and the Cultures of Science The Bombshell
Mar 2013 Hardly a Female in Sight: David Thomson's The Big Screen The Bombshell
Jan 2013 The Grand Adventure of Vera Caspary The Bombshell
Dec 2012 Understanding the Other: Elif Shafak's Honor The Bombshell
Nov 2012 Émilie du Châtelet: The Lady Who Was A Great Man The Bombshell
Nov 2012 Zelda: The Madwoman in the Flapper Dress The Bombshell
Sep 2012 Reinventing Love or, Slavery Inc.: The Untold Story of International Sex Trafficking The Bombshell
Aug 2012 The (Imagined) Woman Reader and Male Anxiety The Bombshell
Aug 2012 Eluding Magnificent Monuments: The Stylish Lives of Esther Murphy, Mercedes de Acosta, and Madge Garland The Bombshell
Jun 2012 The Sultana of Subversion: Three Hard-Boiled Novels by Dorothy B. Hughes The Bombshell
Jun 2012 Blood on the Paper: The Barbed Legacy of Lillian Hellman The Bombshell
May 2012 "Arm Yourself Against My Dawn": Revisiting Jean Strouse's groundbreaking biography of Alice James The Bombshell
Apr 2012 The Art of Voyeurism in Mumbai's Underworld: Mary Ellen Mark, Sonia Faleiro, and Katherine Boo The Bombshell
Mar 2012 Adventures in Steinlandia The Bombshell
Jan 2012 The Scarlet Empress, The Iron Lady, and My Cab Driver The Bombshell
Dec 2011 Larry Summers Eat Your Heart Out: Hollywood Bombshell Hedy Lamarr Invented A Sophisticated Weapons Technology Between Films The Bombshell
Dec 2011 Dopplegängers: Mary Shelley and Muriel Spark The Bombshell
Oct 2011 Eloise Grows Up: The Charmed Life of the Charming Rosamond Bernier The Bombshell
Oct 2011 The Forgotten First Wave The Bombshell
Sep 2011 "Mother of the People": Biology as Destiny in the Dystopias of Jane Rogers, P.D. James, and Margaret Atwood The Bombshell
Aug 2011 Mary McCarthy's The Group, Hilton Als's "The Women," and Bridesmaids The Bombshell
Jul 2011 "God forgive me for my sins -- but I can really write": Irmgard Keun, Anita Loos, and Women Who Dare to Write The Bombshell
Jun 2011 A Wider View of Authorship: Eroticizing the Past The Bombshell
May 2011 Got Milk? The Gender Politics of Pleasure Dairies The Bombshell
Apr 2011 Women Writing War The Bombshell
Mar 2011 A Soul Turned Inside Out: Clarice Lispector, Hélène Cixous, and L’écriture féminine The Bombshell
Feb 2011 Our Generalized Amnesia The Bombshell
Jan 2011 Holly Golightly Needs a New Dress The Bombshell
Dec 2010 Our Cleopatra Moment The Bombshell
Nov 2010 Very Like A Sloth The Bombshell
Oct 2010 Cordelia Fine, Neurosexism, and My Mother (again) The Bombshell
Aug 2010 Lisbeth Salander, the Millennium Trilogy, and My Mother The Bombshell
Jul 2010 The Dangerous Emily Dickinson The Bombshell