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Date Title Category
Nov 2014 The Missing Pieces by Henri Lefebvre, translated by David L Sweet nonfiction
Aug 2014 I Remember by Georges Perec, translated by Phillip Terry nonfiction
Jul 2014 Cairo by Louis Armand fiction
May 2014 Pillar of Salt: An Autobiography, with 19 Erotic Sonnets by Salvador Novo, translated by Marguerite Feitlowitz nonfiction
Aug 2013 My 1980s and Other Essays by Wayne Koestenbaum nonfiction
Mar 2013 Make It, Take It by Rus Bradburd fiction
May 2012 An Interview with Krys Lee features
Aug 2011 BoysGirls by Katie Farris fiction
Jun 2011 not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them by Jenny Boully fiction
Oct 2010 In Rough Country: Essays and Reviews by Joyce Carol Oates nonfiction
Jun 2010 An Interview with Debra Monroe features
Jun 2010 Talk Softly: A Memoir by Cynthia O'Neal nonfiction
Apr 2010 Creative Nonfiction: In Defense of the Truth (with a Lower Case T) features
Mar 2010 A Lust for Lit: On the Romance and Appeal of the Used Book features