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Date Title Category
Nov 2005 North to Katahdin by Eric Pinder nonfiction
May 2005 The Meq by Steve Cash fiction
Feb 2005 Nothing Simple About It cookslut
Jan 2005 How to Dunk a Doughnut: The Science of Everyday Life by Len Fisher nonfiction
Jan 2005 City of Glass: The Graphic Novel by Paul Auster fiction
Dec 2004 Hot Tomatoes, with a side order of rank seasonal sentimentality cookslut
Oct 2004 Spanning the Globe cookslut
Jul 2004 Pilgrim's Progress cookslut
Jun 2004 Oh L'Amour, More, More, More! cookslut
Apr 2004 Cookslut Classic: The Moosewood Cookbook cookslut
Apr 2004 Blue Wizard Is About to Die by Seth Flynn Barkan poetry
Mar 2004 Too Little, Too Latte cookslut
Feb 2004 Community Standards cookslut
Jan 2004 a la carte cookslut
Dec 2003 Compassionate Con-serve-itism cookslut
Dec 2003 A Right to be Hostile by Aaron McGruder fiction
Nov 2003 Third Helping cookslut
Nov 2003 Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett fiction
Oct 2003 Cityside by William Heffernan fiction
Oct 2003 Cookbook Confidential cookslut
Aug 2003 Prep Work cookslut