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Sep 2011 Books of Escape: Springsteen as Jesus, Murder in Italy, and a Unique-Voiced Pigman features
Jul 2011 ďTo the Families and Caregivers of Dementia Patients EverywhereĒ features
Jun 2011 Thirteen Hearts and Souls: The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary features
Apr 2011 An Interview with Benjamin Hale features
Feb 2011 Reading Restless Nature: Wildbranch and Nature Stories features
Dec 2010 Winterís Diamonds: Perfect Passages from Four More Writers features
Nov 2010 The Dark Matter in our Heads: Carl Zimmerís Brain Science features
Oct 2010 Japan Stories: In Search of a Differently-Paced Life features
Sep 2010 Five Perfect Passages:†Celebrating the Joy of Reading features
Aug 2010 Sex at Dawn (and at Noon, Dusk, and Midnight) features
Jul 2010 The Four Pleasures of a Summer of Books features
Jun 2010 G is for Geopolitical: Rick Steves Revealed features
Apr 2010 Africa is People: Chinua Achebe's Essays features
Mar 2010 The Great Apes of Africa and Asia, and Paul Raffaele's Inflamed Text features
Mar 2010 Seduced by Oyster (And the Reaktion Books Animal Series) features
Feb 2010 Peter Rudiak-Gould's Anthropology 101 features
Jan 2010 On Speciesism: Cavalieri's The Death of the Animal features
Dec 2009 A Big Man, a Mule, and a Saxophone: Clarence Clemons's Story features
Nov 2009 Questioning Elephants on the Edge features
Oct 2009 An Interview with Ron Charles features
Sep 2009 Halfway to Each Other features
Aug 2009 A Wild (and Captive) Wauchula Night for Chimpanzee and Man features
Jul 2009 Dear Robert Wright (Confessions of One Who Also Writes on God) features
Jun 2009 Wild Justice: Morality in Dogs, Elephants, and Rats (and Yes, Apes!) features
May 2009 Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz fiction
May 2009 Ancient Primate Signaling in a Brave New World features
Apr 2009 Gorillas at Risk, Animals at Play, and a Writerís Place in the World features
Mar 2009 Seeking Eric Chinski, or How to Swim with Your Editor features
Jan 2009 Biology of the Animal-Human Bond: Overdosing on Oxytocin features
Jan 2009 Anthropology Now: Sex Objects, Chinese Food, PTSD, and Margaret Mead features
Dec 2008 An Elephant's Dream features
Nov 2008 A Tale of Alex, Bird with a Walnut-Sized Brain (And What a Brain it Was) features
Oct 2008 Anthropology for Dummies? features
Sep 2008 Satiric or Soulful? Responses to Thich Nhat Hanh Writing on Earthís Ecological Crisis features
Aug 2008 Of Pregnancy, Pessaries, and What Women Want features
Jul 2008 James Lang's On Course: College Teaching and the Hall of Mirrors features
Jun 2008 A Winterís Tale of Icy Light, and Justice, in New York City features
May 2008 Travels with Tooy, in the Company of Gods and Spirits features
Apr 2008 Betrayed by Science: The Story of Nim Chimpsky features
Mar 2008 Sarah Franklinís Unpredictable Sheep Story features
Feb 2008 Animals, Souls, and the War between Anthropology and Evolutionary Psychology features
Jan 2008 Evolution, God, and Neanderthals in Teen Fiction features
Dec 2007 Books, Bonobos, and Bison: A Field Trip to the American Academy of Religion features
Nov 2007 Timothy, the Animal Anthropologist features
Oct 2007 A Million Different Voices: Getting to Maybe features
Sep 2007 Of God and Glycoprotein: Rabid for Religion and Science features
Aug 2007 Anthropologist Visits Vicarious Italy, with Doerr and Tucker features
Jul 2007 Elephant Secrets, or, a Fever-Powered Trip from Virginia to Namibia features
Jun 2007 Tikkun: To Transform the World, Issue by Issue features
May 2007 Invisible Women in Prehistory and Paleoanthropology (and Invisible Standards in Publishing) features
Apr 2007 The Feral Cat Jones: Taking on Nina Malkin features
Mar 2007 Celebrating Darwin with Janet Browne features
Feb 2007 Human Evolutionís Six Degrees of Separation: Chip Walterís Thumbs, Toes, and Tears features
Jan 2007 That White-Woman Genre: Marie Javins in Africa (Jane Goodall Too) features
Nov 2006 Homo Sapiens for the Holidays features
Nov 2006 AI, Anthropology, and Theology: God in the Machine features
Oct 2006 The Anthropology of Home: Margaret Meadís Letters features
Sep 2006 The Science and Spirit of Francis S. Collins features
Aug 2006 Religion and Reality: New Books by Joan Roughgarden and Michelle Goldberg features
Jul 2006 Julia Child: A Life in France features
Jun 2006 In Search of the Lost Heart: Karen Armstrongís The Great Transformation features
May 2006 Allegra Goodmanís World of Science features
Apr 2006 Elizabeth Gilbert's Year of Prayer features
Mar 2006 Religion, Science, and Temptation: Breaking the Spell features
Feb 2006 Curious Minds: The Science of Gilliganís Island features
Jan 2006 Reading King Kong (and Pitching Peter Jackson) features
Dec 2005 Corriganís Reading: Of Books, Family, and the Academy features
Nov 2005 Our Inner Ape: Sexy, Violent, and, Yes, Kind features
Oct 2005 Pearl by Mary Gordon fiction
Oct 2005 The Singing Neanderthal features
Aug 2005 Trekking with Alain de Botton features
Jul 2005 In Praise of Immersion: The Best American Spiritual Writing 2004 features
Jun 2005 Spirituality Explained? Reflections on Dean Hamerís The God Gene features
Apr 2005 How to See Geese: Bernd Heinrichís Ode to Peep features
Apr 2005 The Animal Translator: A Profile of Temple Grandin features
Mar 2005 The Evolution of Home Alone features