Jessa Crispin

Jessa Crispin founded Bookslut in 2002 while living in Austin, Texas. She has written for many publications, some of which are still in business. She has lived in Kansas, Ireland, Texas, Chicago, and Berlin, and she currently lives out of a suitcase. Her library resides in Berlin.

You can find her on Twitter and on Tumblr.

Tarot Readings

Jessa Crispin gives tarot and astro readings for clients all over the world. (Well, she has yet to read for anyone in Uruguay, but here's hoping.) She studied the tarot with two amazing mentors for eight years before branching off into her own work. She does not believe in prognostication, looking for the future in what planets are where or which cards you draw. It's more about finding a different story to tell yourself about what is happening, and using the imagery and narrative guide of the cards to help you tell that story.

She has designed a special reading for writers and other creative types, in order to unleash the stories that we are born into and find tools to shape them into great works. She pulls on a deep knowledge of history, artists and their works, and mythology to give the writer a bigger landscape to work from. And because she believes strongly that a writer must understand the context in which she or he is working, she offers a recommended reading list, specifically tailored to each client's interests and quandary.

For a one hour Creative Flow reading, held over Skype and with a written report and recommended reading list emailed after, the price is $120. Visit our store or email Jessa directly for scheduling. Please note she also does shorter, non-writing specific readings, for relationship, work, money, or any other problems you can throw at her, she has heard them all. Those readings cost $85.

For those into these kinds of things, her favorite tarot decks are the Golden, the Minchiate, and the Aquarian.

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